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What the booming local aerospace industry means for Sevaan Group – and the future of metal fabrication in Australia
Sevaan Group, Gladys Berejiklian – and an exciting future for advanced manufacturing in Western Sydney
Industry 4.0 starts with System Integration – Are you riding the first wave?
Industry 4.0 AI and Robotics
Industry 4.0: What it is, why it matters – and why Sevaan Group is leading the charge
Ladies Can Be Tradies – How Sevaan Group is part of a new revolution – helping women to pursue careers in metal fabrication and manufacturing in Western Sydney.
Sevaan attends Austech 2019 and EuroBLECH 2018
Sevaan’s Biggest Morning Tea – a cause close to our heart
Ironskinn, Sevaan to roll out innovative Aussie-made armoured wetsuit
Australian engineering and manufacturing poised for stratospheric success thanks to the civil space sector


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