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Prompt delivery

Sevaan Group is the partner of choice for OEMs working within the gaming industry. We have unrivalled capabilities to deliver high quality and complete electrical components.

Utilising advanced technology, we provide design teams prompt delivery of their components and help produce control panels, button panels, chassis and more. Our detailed knowledge and experience working to exact specifications guarantee timely completion of any project.

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Expert components for gaming machines

Whether the task is to fabricate button panels for poker machines, or produce front panels and brackets, Sevaan Group can scale our metal work processes accordingly.

We are experts in metal engineering, fabrication and finishing and we specialise in high tech laser cutting, machining, CNC punching, bending and folding, welding and industrial finishing.

Over the years, we have built excellent long-term relationships with premier suppliers both in Australia and overseas. You can be confident that we will source the correct grade of material for your electrical components to provide the best possible manufacturing result.

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State-of-the-art machinery

At Sevaan Group, we have our own Sydney fabrication facility where we house state-of-the-art machinery that offers remarkable efficiency.

Enlist our metal engineering services from the initial concept stage and we provide you with specialist advice to help determine the scope of your needs.

We have embraced Industry 4.0 and have integrated the latest technologies into our processes. We continually look for innovative metalwork solutions for the gaming industry.

Every internal improvement we make to our systems enables us to boost our productivity to meet delivery deadlines. And we focus on cost effectiveness at every step of the process.

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Partner with our expert team

With decades of metal work experience, we understand the intricacies of electrical components and can help guide your product manufacture process.

Our highly skilled team is ready to partner with you.

We can provide expert advice on commercial viability and determine the best method of fabrication. Contact our team of engineers today.


What is a horizontal management structure?

What is a horizontal management structure?

Horizontal management structures are not a new buzzword, although recently the idea has gained measurable traction. At the Sevaan Group, we adopted the methodology to our business a number of years ago and the idea of empowering staff and removing silos has proven strategically advantageous.

Christmas project Envoy Hostel

Christmas project Envoy Hostel

The Sevaan Group proudly broadcasts our work with amazing charities that aid our wider community in Australia. What is not widely known, but something our organisation is deeply committed to, is our international humanitarian work in one of the world’s most forgotten and volatile regions.

Continuing lean acquisitions

Continuing lean acquisitions

Embracing the future of Australian steel fabrication and manufacturing, at Sevaan Group we have continued our investment toward Industry 4.0 and lean production, manufacturing and management models, streamlining our production and workplace for a faster, safer, cleaner and more sustainable future.


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