Established in 1997, we’ve built our reputation as an industry leader in metal engineering, fabrication and finishing. Our family business is recognised for our precise, accurate work, competitive pricing and consistent on-time project completion. Housing all fabrication processes under the one roof, we are able to guarantee the quality of every individual component we produce. We pride ourselves on providing all industry sectors competitive solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Meticulous testing processes


ISO 9001 certification is entrenched in our rigorous in-house controls.

Meticulous testing processes ensure we consistently deliver complete and precise metal components. Every project is documented and managed via our Quality Management System.

Because we have autonomous control of our supply chain, we guarantee absolute accuracy in each component we produce

Art in-house technology


We are recognised for our superior CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication skills. We provide commercial metal solutions to all industries.

Our processes and capabilities are the ideal fit for defence, mining, power, transport, agriculture, space and robotics, electronics and gaming sectors.

Our expert team of engineers will work closely with you to tailor the perfect solution. Our state of the art in-house technology encompasses CNC laser cutting, machiningmarking and engraving, welding, CNC punching, bending and folding, finishing and assembly.

Exceeding Industry Standards


We have decades of experience working across all Australian industry standards. Material selection is paramount and our fully documented process guarantees we surpass the requirements of each individual industry.

Our highly skilled team of technicians will ensure your components are finished to the highest standards. Rest assured, your product will be compliant, match your specifications and be 100% fit for purpose.

Digital transformation


As industry leaders, we embrace change and we’re excited by the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Here at Sevaan Group we’re ready for the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.
In fact, for us it’s already begun. We’ve invested in the creation of a ‘Smart Factory’- a workplace where high tech unites with our adept manpower to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Sydney facility


Our Sydney facility holds all our fabrication processes under a single roof. This complete production autonomy allows us to closely partner with our clients every step of the way. From the initial concept design phase our team can provide helpful recommendations on commercial viability and production scalability. We know that collaboration is key to success and we are excited to develop innovative solutions for you.

Our effective seven-step process will provide you with a roadmap to production, by devising the metal engineering and fabrication solution that’s right for your product. We will work with you on concept assessment, design for manufacture, prototyping and testing, production and finishing, all the way to assembly and logistics.

At Sevaan Group, we are experts in metal engineering and fabrication. Find out more about our precision production.


It’s been a great year

It’s been a great year

After 2020, everyone was hoping for an uninterrupted 2021. Alas, it was not to be, and the challenges of working through a global pandemic still haunted the country. Despite all the closures, lockdowns and uncertainty clouding 2021, it’s been a great year at Sevaan with many positive outcomes and plenty to talk about.

Steel fabrication and engineering is an essential service

Steel fabrication and engineering is an essential service

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, many businesses were asked to shut their doors; however, engineering and fabrication remained operational. Why Sevaan is an essential service was a question we were asked more than once. Let us explain why.

Australia’s new submarine contract is more than building subs

Australia’s new submarine contract is more than building subs

The Australian Government has entered into a new submarine contract with the USA and Great Britain. No doubt this came as a surprise to a few; however, it means a great deal and not just the Australian manufacturing industry.


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