At Sevaan Group we work across all industries and market verticals to deliver complete, end-to-end metal fabrication and machining solutions. We are known for our precise, accurate work and consistent, reliable quality.

Over the past two decades, Sevaan Group has grown to become one of the leading metal fabrication companies in Australia. Making over 1000 different metal components every month, we pride ourselves on providing market competitive solutions with precision accuracy every time.

Sevaan Group - Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Our rigorous in-house controls and testing ensure we consistently deliver complete and precise metal components. Every project is documented and managed via our Quality Management System.

Because we have full in-house control of our supply chain, we guarantee perfect precision in each component we produce. Our tested systems ensure consistent, reliable, hassle free delivery of your product every time.

Sevaan Group - Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Sevaan Group is an internationally recognised CNC machining and sheet metal fabricator. We provide commercial metal fabrication and machining solutions to a wide cross section of industries. Our processes and capabilities are the ideal fit for defence, medical, mining, solar, transport, retail and aeronautical sectors.

Our expert team of engineers will work with you to tailor a solution. Our state of the art in-house technology encompasses CNC machining, laser cutting, marking and engraving, welding, sheet metal and steel fabrication, CNC punching, finishing and assembly.

Our Highly skilled Team

Meeting and exceeding industry standards…

We have vast experience working to an extensive list of Australian standards. Defence, food, medical or exterior use… our fully documented process guarantees we meet the industry standard with precision accuracy on each and every component we produce.

Our highly skilled team of finishing technicians will ensure your components are finished to the highest standards so you can be certain your product will be compliant, match your specifications and be fit for purpose out in the market.

Sevaan Group - Ready for Industry 4.0

We’re ready for Industry 4.0...

As industry leaders, we embrace change and we’re excited by the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Here at Sevaan Group we’re ready for the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

In fact, for us it’s already begun. We’re investing in the creation of a ‘Smart Factory’- a workplace where high tech unites with our highly skilled engineers to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Sevaan Group - Work with Product Owners and Designers

We work with product owners and designers...

…And with many years of combined experience, our in-house engineers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a complete design for manufacture that is scalable and commercially viable.

At Sevaan Group we value partnerships and relish challenges. We are always excited about collaborating with product owners on innovative design.

Our effective seven-step process will provide you with a roadmap to production, by devising the metal fabrication and machining solution that’s right for your product.

And our highly skilled team will work with you on concept assessment, design for manufacture, prototyping and testing, production and finishing, all the way to assembly and logistics.

Our work with local NSW company Ironskinn is a perfect example of how we can help you turn an ambitious concept into a commercially viable product. Read the case study here.


Discover how Sevaan Group has helped commercial clients, designers and product owners turn their concepts into commercially viable products.

ironskinn - Sevaan


We worked with Australian innovators Ironskinn to assist in the rollout of an armoured wetsuit to protect commercial divers.

Restoration of an iconic NSW landmark - home

Anzac Memorial

Discover how Sevaan Group’s custom metal fabrication has helped renew a national icon - the restoration of the iconic Anzac Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park.


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