Powder coating and painting

High quality metal finishing


High quality metal finishing is essential to ensure your product remains in optimal condition and meets all industry standards. You need to consider longevity, durability, assembly and aesthetics when determining the appropriate finish for your component or product.

Our expertise allows us to provide a complete end to end service. We guarantee the finishing on your product is functional and effective, of the highest quality and completed on time and on budget.

Specialist Team


The members of our finishing team are specialists in precision work and are highly skilled in industrial blasting, industrial painting and powder coating. We can complete any finishing work to your required film thickness gauge and gloss level. We also offer specialised coating options including anti-graffiti finish.

Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees optimal results. We constantly review our processes to ensure they adhere to the most stringent guidelines. And we have an impressive ability to deliver under time pressure.

Powder coating


Our semi-automated powder coating system enables us to create a durable and cost-effective finish for any ferrous or non-ferrous components.

  • Highest quality finish available to meet any required standard you have specified
  • Extensive range of colours and finishes in stock

We also offer industrial metal blasting finishing services that are ideal for large, small or complex structures such as fabricated frames, pipes and flanges.

High temperature and heat resistant coatings


Gauges and meters ensure that each component has an excellent quality finish and meets specifications.

  • Enamel
  • Acrylic
  • Polyurethanes
  • Zinc rich
  • High temperature and heat resistant coatings


Here at Sevaan Group, we also offer a selection of additional finishing services.

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Plating
  • Anodising
  • Galvanising
  • Heat treatment


For over twenty years, Sevaan Group has built its reputation as an industry leader. We are experts in metal engineering, fabrication and finishing. We are one of the most well known and respected metal manufacturing companies in Australia.

When you engage our services, from the concept of your project, our team can provide you with expert advice to help determine the scope of your metal engineering, fabrication and finishing project. With the integration of Industry 4.0, our efficiencies and fabrication execution will continue to exceed all expectations.

Across all industries


Our superior capability means we are the metal engineering, fabrication and finishing facility of choice across all industries. From defence and mining to transport or robotics, we deliver the best quality results and meet all fulfilment deadlines.

We offer a full range of fabrication services, including laser cutting, machiningCNC punching, bending and folding and more. Contact our team to find out how we can deliver the solution you need.


Sevaan Group’s laser cutting capabilities

Sevaan Group’s laser cutting capabilities

With unrivalled expertise and exceptional laser cutting capabilities, Sevaan Group offers CNC laser cutting services across all industry sectors. From defence to mining, agriculture to transport and robotics, we deliver metal engineering, fabrication and finishing solutions guaranteed to meet your needs.

Sevaan Group hosts The King’s School industrial arts students

Sevaan Group hosts The King’s School industrial arts students

Sevaan Group recently had the pleasure of hosting students from The King’s School Parramatta at our in-house facility. The 27 students are studying Industrial Arts – Metal and learned how a manufacturing company runs from end to end, including marketing, sales, purchasing, production and delivery.

What to look for in a metal manufacturer

What to look for in a metal manufacturer

Sevaan Group has decades of experience working across all Australian industry standards. Our family business is recognised for our precise, accurate work, competitive pricing and consistent on-time project completion.


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