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New Bystar Machine 2020


To remain at the forefront of the metal and machining industry, we are continuously reviewing our machinery to better meet the demands of your projects.

We are excited to announce that we commissioned a brand new ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000 as part of our in-house manufacturing machinery. We understand your need for precision, accuracy and speed and the ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000 can deliver exactly that.

The new ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000 offers high-speed cutting in a class of its own, with up to 10 kilowatts of laser power. Whether you need to cut aluminium, non-ferrous metals, or steel, the high-performance Bystronic cutting head excels with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets (up to 25mm). You can have the peace of mind that your product will be completed to the highest quality and with the utmost accuracy and precision.

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Our skilled engineers will provide the commercially viable metal fabrication and machining solution that’s right for your product. From defence to retail, mining to medical, we deliver solutions across all industries.

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Depth of Expertise


Precision, accuracy and consistency are the hallmarks of our work. Our proven process and highly-skilled engineers ensure consistent, reliable, hassle-free delivery of your product every time. Our complete control of the supply chain and our Quality Management System means we are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our clients.

At Sevaan Group we manage your project from design for manufacture through to finishing, assembly and logistics. Our complete and advanced in-house machinery combined with our depth of experience ensures a commercially viable and scalable product every time. With our CNC controlled machines and expert team, we can tailor the perfect solution for your product.

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Manufacturing and Sevaan Group


Precision laser cutting is crucial for precision metal fabrication and machining. We provide CNC controlled laser cutting across Greater Sydney and regional NSW.

Our CNC laser cutting technology delivers a meticulous cut for even the most intricate of shapes… for precision metal fabrication and machining. And with a combination of expertise and advanced technology, we guarantee fast, efficient laser cutting that is quality assured.

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Leadership capability


At Sevaan Group, we are fiercely passionate about equipping our team with key leadership skills. Our strong leadership is what sets us apart in the metal industry. By applying our expertise in complete metal and machining solutions and living out core leadership principles, we are providing our customers with quality service, dedication and commitment.

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At Sevaan Group we use a seven-step process to consistently deliver complete end-to-end metal fabrication and machining solutions every time. Producing over 1000 different metal components each month, our process is tightly controlled to guarantee precision accuracy and timely delivery.

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For over 20 years Sevaan Group has grown to become one of the leading metal fabrication companies in Australia. With 40 years of experience, our expert team of engineers have the depth of knowledge to turn your concept into a commercially viable and scalable product.

Sevaan Group - Assessment

Concept Assessment

Our team of expert engineers will assess your concept, considering your market, budget and production quantities to recommend the best solution for you.

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Sevaan Group - Design for Manufacturer

Design for Manufacture

Our design for manufacture process starts by refining your concept using SolidWorks software. We work alongside you to develop a road map to production for your product.

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Sevaan Group - Prototyping

Prototype & Test

We produce and test the prototype with precision accuracy to ensure the product meets expectations and specifications. This process is tightly controlled and documented by our Quality Management System.

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Production homepage


During production the solid foundation laid in the preparation stages ensures a smooth run and reliable delivery. With full in-house control of the supply chain, we guarantee consistency in every component.

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By providing an end to end service we ensure the finishing on your product is of the highest quality. We work to all Australian standards and meet the strictest specifications for government, defence, food and medical industries.

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We provide a complete end to end metal fabrication and machining solutions for both mechanical and elctro-mecanical assembly. Our results based thinking guarantees efficient and precise assembly every time.

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Discover how Sevaan Group has helped commercial clients, designers and product owners turn their concepts into commercially viable products.

ironskinn - Sevaan


We worked with Australian innovators Ironskinn to assist in the rollout of an armoured wetsuit to protect commercial divers.

Restoration of an iconic NSW landmark - home

Anzac Memorial

Discover how Sevaan Group’s custom metal fabrication has helped renew a national icon - the restoration of the iconic Anzac Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park.


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