Sevaan appoints a new CEO - Mr David Andrew Green will take over the position on August 1st, 2022

David is a highly experienced international manager with over 20 years at the executive level. He has extensive experience in the industrial manufacturing sector, working within large blue-chip organisations and SME entities. He has been primarily focused on leading and developing teams and businesses in industrial equipment manufacturing, supplying premium positioned, innovation-based product portfolios.

David’s career has included senior management positions in Europe, the United States, Australia, and the Pacific. He brings a grounded and worldly view of international trends and opportunities and a high pedigree in developing and implementing mid to long-term strategic business, sales and marketing plans.

David is passionate about the broader picture, the development of people and working within a high-performance team, enabling the business to maximise its current offering while developing new and innovative techniques and strategies to service broader market verticals.

“Several factors drew me to the role. Sevaan is a successful and quality business with an excellent reputation in steel fabrication and high ambitions within advanced manufacturing. There is an existing high-functioning team with a strong portfolio of skills. The team is well aligned, and working with a local company with an established culture was very attractive. I consider helping shape the future of this great company as a very exciting challenge and a privilege,” says David.

Fostering a collaborative, positive, fair and balanced workplace

David firmly believes in collaboration and fostering a positive, fair, balanced workplace. He already sees this at Sevaan and feels his influence will only strengthen the group’s commitment and dedication to the journey ahead.

“Australian manufacturing has a great deal of upside. As technology advances, so do the opportunities for businesses such as Sevaan. I am very optimistic about technology’s channels to the manufacturing and fabrication sector,” says David.

David believes that traditional higher-end fabrication will continue, and the inevitability of technology will open expanded market opportunities. He is committed to the idea of ‘smart manufacturing’. As roles become more technically based, internal training becomes more high-tech, offering excellent career paths for people in the fabrication and manufacturing sector.

Married with three children, David is a business management graduate with an International MBA and postgraduate qualified in Applied Corporate Governance.   Detail-oriented with an eye on the bigger picture, he brings a flexible leadership style, knowing that it is the people within the organisation that are its most valuable asset.

All of us at the Sevaan Group look forward to welcoming David to our team.

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