Sevaan Group apprentice takes part in WorldSkills

Sevaan Group in WorldSkills

Sevaan Group is a leader in metal fabrication and machining, thanks to our incredible team. So, we were delighted when our Fitting and Machining apprentice, Rahim Ahmad, recently competed in WorldSkills. For those who don’t know, WorldSkills is like a trade Olympics, and it showcases exceptional skills from around the world.

Rahim competed in turning on the lathe, and he had a great time while he was there. “I really enjoyed learning and practising new skills in the lead up to the competition, and it was great seeing so many people showcasing their skills in practice.”

Winning with WorldSkills

Winning with WorldSkills

WorldSkills is a national event that starts with grass roots competitions in 34 regions across Australia.

Winners proceed to national events and then to international level, competing with the best from around the globe. Industry experts design various competitions to assess competitors’ knowledge and practical skills.

The competitions cover more than 50 trades, categorised into seven skill clusters: construction and building technology, creative arts and fashion, information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering technology, social and personal services, transport and logistics and VETiS, which is the Vocational Education and Training in Schools program.

National winners form a team – the Skillaroos – that competes biennially against 82 member countries for the title of the world’s most skilled country. At WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, Russia, Australia was ranked eighth in the world.

Building skills

Building skills for better trades

WorldSkills focuses on practical skills for enhanced employability, and successful competitors may be lucky enough to access one of nine amazing scholarships that help build trade and leadership skills in Australia… and internationally.

While WorldSkills can be exciting for competitors, ultimately it’s a brilliant way to showcase and promote excellence in metal manufacturing and other trades. Better still, it helps competitors build complementary skills, including communication, teamwork and leadership.

As Rahim says, “It was a great experience. I saw and learnt a lot… and I will definitely do it again if I get the chance.”

Learning with Sevaan Group

Sevaan Group is committed to quality training. As part of our own apprenticeship training program, we give every employee the tools to build diverse skills, become a leader in their field and contribute to Australian manufacturing excellence.

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our team. If you’re committed to quality and you’re passionate about precision metal manufacturing, we’d love to hear from you.


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