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I live in Sydney and used to like travelling North on the Pacific Highway to chase waves in the surf of New South Wales’ mid to north coast.

Last year (2015) I was employed in an automotive workshop that built custom cars, trucks and motorbikes. Basically we built anything automotive that was custom or rusted and rotten beyond useable condition.

Our experience in the wide market of surface technology often means we hear one particular concern over and over again.

In the Australian fabrication industry, speed of turnaround is often touted  but really is as the be-all and end-all requirement for the client base (that client, of course, could be you).

The term ‘innovative manufacturer’ gets thrown around so easily these days it’s quite possible you struggle to understand what it truly alludes to.

It takes the best software to achieve the best in manufacturing today.

The Australian manufacturing sector is never going to be perfect – we all know it. That’s because there are big companies and small companies, innovative ones and outdated ones, smart ones and not so smart ones, and ultimately good ones and bad ones.

In quiet moments, you’ve probably asked yourself this question many times before.

Over the past five years or so, our business has been very busy with its acquisition policy because we knew it is imperative to adapt and innovate in order to survive and prosper in an increasingly global field of competition.

If you are searching for an outsourced provider to manufacture product, then you are probably in two minds most of the time wondering who to choose and why to choose them. Looking for a manufacturer that best suits your needs can be confusing.