Laser Cutting: When you can't see the wood through the trees?

I live in Sydney and used to like travelling North on the Pacific Highway to chase waves in the surf of New South Wales’ mid to north coast. Often I would travel at night and be dazzled by the lights on the semi-trailer trucks that would be transporting goods. They would be lit up like a Christmas tree and are a sight to behold as they hurtle towards you on the darkest stretches of road. It is not until you get up close to a big truck do you realise how many lights adorn them. Not just headlights. Marker lights are lined along their long trailers that shine red when viewing from behind and shine amber when the truck is approaching you. There are lights under the cabi...
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It's Not Easy To Find A Laser Cutter In Sydney

Last year (2015) I was employed in an automotive workshop that built custom cars, trucks and motorbikes. Basically we built anything automotive that was custom or rusted and rotten beyond useable condition. This type of work demands that you had resources at your fingertips to be able to deliver the owner’s desired outcomes at a justifiable level of spend within a realistic timeframe that met quality benchmarks that needed to be certified by an engineer. Circumstances arose, where we had to have a part finished car ready for an exhibition to illustrate the type of work we were capable of. What sounded like a great idea to commit to in the first instance, reality was ...
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Is Industrial Surface Blasting Dirty Work For You?

Our experience in the wide market of surface technology often means we hear one particular concern over and over again. And that is that industrial surface blasting can be both a messy and costly task. From an industry-wide point of view, essentially we find pretty much every industrial market in Australia is on the hunt for three main factors in surface blasting: good economics environmental responsibility a multifunction facility For those of you whose companies have successfully incorporates an industrial surface blasting facility with other capabilities within their own organisation, you do truly have to be applauded. This is because the vast majority of business...
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Have you Noticed that Quality Suffers From a Weak Link in the Chain?

In the Australian fabrication industry, speed of turnaround is often touted  but really is as the be-all and end-all requirement for the client base (that client, of course, could be you). Yet, in the race to beat the clock and have delivered a fabricated component in the quickest possible time, you as a procurement officer might be finding that quality suffers with the work being done for you. Each time this happens, does it turn into a dogfight between yourself and your outsourced manufacturer because they argue if you want turnaround times to be super fast it increases the likelihood of small errors, hence you should cop it sweet? From my experience...
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What Is The Best Way To Spot An Innovative Manufacturer?

The term  ‘innovative manufacturer ’ gets thrown around so easily these days it’s quite possible you struggle to understand what it truly alludes to. As an industry stalwart, I’m often asked this question and I keep my answer very simple. A truly innovative manufacturer is one can take your job from start to finish and do everything; so you don’t have to worry about the processes, you only have to manage what you need to do for your own business or employer. Basically, to use a long-standing and somewhat outdated term, what truly differentiates a world-class fabricator from an ordinary one is the ability to provide the ‘one stop shop’ solution I’ll give you a ve...
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