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Jim Tzakos

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Engineer Jim Tzakos is co-founder and Managing Director of Sevaan Group. Jim is a 30-year veteran of the metal componentry industry, whose love for creating quality products is only matched by his passion for perfection. In its 20 year’s of business, Sevaan group has continued to go from strength to strength, not only surviving through the closure of many other manufacturing businesses, but growing and expanding.

“A major component of moving forward is planning ahead. While our staff are diligently focused on the present and the work being delivered to our high standards, it’s our responsibility as the leaders of the business to ensure the security of our future through innovation and cultural development.”

Under the leadership of Jim, Sevaan Group has been awarded for their dedication to the local community through offering valuable work placements and potential apprenticeships to students studying Metal & Engineering.

“By taking work placement students, we get to teach them with the hope that it will lead them into future apprenticeships. We also like to give the students a good understanding of what is involved in the industry they are wanting to work in.”

Artemis Tzakos

Co-Founder / Director of Leadership

Artemis Tzakos is the co-founder of Sevaan Group. She is the Chief Financial Officer for Sevaan Group, a role which incorporates not only the day to day financials of the business but also takes on much of the marketing and operations management for the business.

For 25 years, Artemis has driven the business growth through her strategic planning and leadership with her personal strengths of vision, innovation, change and empowerment.

“I see business as a place where likeminded people come together, doing what they love, growing together, adding value, with one purpose and one vision; in Sevaan it’s manufacturing”

As co-founder and CFO of Sevaan Group, Artemis works hard to instill in all staff the values of the business that she helped to build. These values include that a client is not simply a job, they are a partner to the business and understanding their needs and delivering on this is paramount to the ongoing success and growth of Sevaan Group.

Steven Varrica

General Manager

Steve is a General Manager who can honestly say he knows the business at every level. Starting on the shop floor as a Fitter and Machinist over 30 years ago, Steve has worked his way through a range of positions and responsibilities before now being in a senior management position where he uses his wealth of industry knowledge and technical know-how that delivers benefits to both the business and to our clients.

With his personal values of honesty, accountability and authenticity, Steve works closely with our client services staff and teams to ensure a seamless process from quote through to delivery.

David Warland

Sales Manager

With 18 years in the sheet metal industry, David Warland brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Sales Manager to Sevaan Group.

David’s commitment to clients for excellence in manufacturing is delivered through creative thinking, dedication and hands on experience.

His extensive industry knowledge for sheet metal manufacturing and ongoing product development is used on a daily basis to helps clients achieve the best possible outcomes every time.

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