Artemis Tzakos

Artemis Tzakos
Director of Leadership Development & Marketing – Co-Founder

Artemis is a born visionary who loves to see people thrive and reach their potential.

In her words, “I want to make the impossible possible.” Artemis’ passion and drive are instrumental in Sevaan’s continued growth. In fact, without Artemis it’s possible the company would never have existed.

Twenty years ago, Artemis turned to her husband and co-founder Jim and said, “You should start working for yourself, teaching your own team, rather than doing this for someone else.”

And like the smart man that he is, Jim listened. Now they proudly helm one of Australia’s leading metal fabrication and machining companies.

Artemis has spearheaded Sevaan Group’s leadership program, the ongoing workplace training that she personally oversees, to help her team take on new skills both on and off the factory floor.

“Leadership is everything,” says Artemis. “Not just for Jim and I, but for the entire team. We’ve invested in creating an environment where people cannot just work, but learn and grow. Now we have 70 people who are passionate about manufacturing.”

Artemis is also fiercely proud of the Sevaan Academy, a next level apprenticeship program that invests in the future of manufacturing in Australia.

“Our apprentices come here and they learn the skills of life and how to be part of an organisation,” says Artemis. “We give them the tools to unleash their ability.”

And as a leader, Artemis is optimistic about the opportunities of Industry 4.0, the world’s next industrial revolution.

“The future is so bright for manufacturing,” says Artemis, “the ‘Smart Factory’ transformation is happening now and the opportunities are going to be huge.”


What is a horizontal management structure?

What is a horizontal management structure?

Horizontal management structures are not a new buzzword, although recently the idea has gained measurable traction. At the Sevaan Group, we adopted the methodology to our business a number of years ago and the idea of empowering staff and removing silos has proven strategically advantageous.

Christmas project Envoy Hostel

Christmas project Envoy Hostel

The Sevaan Group proudly broadcasts our work with amazing charities that aid our wider community in Australia. What is not widely known, but something our organisation is deeply committed to, is our international humanitarian work in one of the world’s most forgotten and volatile regions.

Continuing lean acquisitions

Continuing lean acquisitions

Embracing the future of Australian steel fabrication and manufacturing, at Sevaan Group we have continued our investment toward Industry 4.0 and lean production, manufacturing and management models, streamlining our production and workplace for a faster, safer, cleaner and more sustainable future.


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