Ruth Taylor

Sevaan Group - Ruth Taylor

Ruth has been part of the Sevaan Group family for over seven years, helping the company to grow bigger and better.

“We’re a very progressive company,” says Ruth. “We are always looking to improve, make things more efficient. Everyone gets on; we constantly ask ourselves, ‘is there anything we can do to improve the outcomes for our clients?’”

Within our administration team, Ruth takes care of the purchasing and knows how to negotiate a better price from our suppliers.

Ruth first started off in reception then moved around the company perfecting her knowledge of manufacturing materials.

Ruth enjoys working within our friendly, encouraging and supportive environment.

Away from work, Ruth loves spending time with her family and enjoys the great outdoors and going camping.


Discover how Sevaan Group has helped commercial clients, designers and product owners turn their concepts in to commercially viable products.

ironskinn - Sevaan


We worked with Australian innovators ironskinn to assist in the rollout of an armoured wetsuit to protect commercial divers.


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