Sevaan Group understands the detail and nuances of designing, and manufacturing, bespoke metal componentry. The care taken to ensure each curve and angle are crafted to the exact measurements, detailed in the plans, is so meticulous on our end that any deviation from the design results in the halting of production until the problem has been resolved.

Because we work so closely with clients and their designs, we felt that offering a tailored assembly service is only natural in ensuring quality, and control, from production through to completion. This service allows you to rest assured in the knowledge that your component is being handled, by someone with an intimate understanding of your project, and is mutually invested in the outcome.

The type of assembly service we offer is so tailored, that it’s completely up to you what we do. You may want us to assemble the whole component, or just elements to allow for further assembly later should a little more finessing be required.

So if you have an upcoming project, or even have one in our factory right now, please feel free to contact us to request a quote (based on your requirements) and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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