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XPR Standard

As a mechanical device that has no automation, the XPR range of Post Removers require very little exertion in order to operate and remove even the most stubborn of posts.

Where some more expensive post removers end up bending or breaking a post, the XPR’s design ensures that posts can be reused after removal. Placed on the ground at the base of the post, the XPR’s Friction Blade digs in to the periphery of the post, at an acute angle, giving it no other option but to move up and out of the ground. The XPR Post Remover requires no more energy, or force, than that required by a common foot pump used to inflate a bicycle tyre.

For further information on the XPR range of Post Removers and availability, please feel free to contact us via phone or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Weight: 4.75kg
Width of baseplate: 190mm
Height of closed tool: 140mm
Length of closed tool: 345mm

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