‘Community’ is an interesting word and can have a variety of different meanings to different people. To some it can have a geographically local aspect, where community is determined by post code or address, and how much of a contribution you make to the betterment of your community.

While for others, it’s more about being part of a group of like-minded people brought together by a common interest who come from anywhere across the globe.

Sevaan has chosen to incorporate both of these aspects in to the way we conduct ourselves as not just a business, but as a contributor and leader in the local and global community.


Local Community

We believe that giving back to the local community is as important as what it gives to you.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Working closely with TAFE NSW, we consult with leading faculty members to ensure our apprenticeship program is tailored to maximise learning potential through study and real-world application.

School Work Placement Program

Partnering with companies who provide VET training opportunities, we offer two week work placements to Year 11 & 12 High School students studying metal and engineering, and are looking at pursuing an apprenticeship through TAFE NSW.

Encourage and Promote Local Manufacturing

First time, every time, Sevaan Group will source Australian materials as part of our commitment to keeping things local, where possible. When it comes to sub-contracting, all sub-contractors are local and meet our high quality standards.

Our ties to the local community, either through our programs with TAFE NSW or by attending local business meetings, give us a unique opportunity to make our business known to a greater audience, and enables us to show others that Australian based manufacturing companies are still going strong. Even though our interactions may never eventuate further than a handshake and some kind words, it may just be enough to lead someone to sourcing a local manufacturer, as opposed to looking off-shore for their needs. 


Another way we believe in giving back to the greater community is through our work and support of charitable groups. Some of the groups we support are:

  • Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • Cancer Council (Biggest Morning Tea participant 3 years in a row)
  • Estia Foundation
  • Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets

Global Community

Progress is one of our core values as a company, and it’s this value that has driven us to become part of a global community of industry leaders. Being part of this community means our management team have access to leadership programs that help them drive the direction of Sevaan.

The John Maxwell Team (Partner)

As part of a community of over 13,000 trainers, teachers, elite coaches and speakers, Sevaan is able to draw from this amazing human library of knowledge and experience, to ensure we are driving our business in to the future through great leadership.

Avatar Resources Inc

Through Avatar we develop our management team to drive the business with compassion, and to ensure our workplace of today and tomorrow enables individuals to grow.

So whether it’s a local community or global one, we believe in contributing to a beneficial future for all.

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