At Sevaan we offer a variety of finishing options for any job that you have, regardless of the type of material. Contact us today for further information or discuss the option that best suits you.

Industrial Blasting

In the manufacturing environment there is a constant drive to find more economical and environmentally friendly solutions for surface preparation, blast cleaning and finishing applications. That’s why our high quality and dependable blast room provides maximum productivity in a fully sealed, clean enclosure to perform abrasive blasting, grit blasting, surface preparation and finishing operations.


Powder Coating

This option of finishing provides added toughness to the exterior as well as thickness, and doesn’t run compared to liquid based coatings ensuring a smoother and more consistent finish. As powder coating contains no solvents, it also releases little to no Volatile Organic Compounds making it safer to apply and better for the environment.


Silkscreen Printing

This finishing option is largely preferred if you are needing to add your company’s logo to metal work, or to ensure that ports and connectors are labelled correctly. Our Silkscreen printing facilities use the latest technology and equipment, and are monitored by our highly trained and experienced staff to ensure a quality result every run. We are also able to accept designs in a wide variety of digital formats, and can work with you to ensure we have the right file for the job.



Is a finish that provides protection and appeal to a vast array of metal work. Plating options such as Silver, Chrome, Zinc, Anodising and Galvanising give added corrosion and heat resistance protection, as well as increased strength and hardness for durability. Other benefits include conductibility for use in electricals, and the aesthetically appealing finish of a shiny piece of metal.



Only added once machining, drilling and welding has been completed, and pre-treatment has been applied, this thick oxide coating will improve surface resistance against wear and corrosion. Meaning your componentry will be protected longer.



Is a process involving the dipping of metal in to molten Zinc, where its function is to seal the metal against the corrosive nature of its environment, adding a sturdy layer of protection against the elements and rust, ensuring your componentry lasts.


Heat Treatment

Is a procedure that uses controlled heating and cooling to change a metal’s physical properties. Through Heat Treatment can harden metal, making it more durable and wear resistant; make it more ductile and flexible for re-shaping, or assist in making a metal easier to machine or weld, depending entirely on the type of metal and its intended use.


Wet Spraying

Some metals have a better reaction to the high temperatures of Powder Coating and for those that don’t, we offer Wet Spraying. Providing the same protection and finish as Powder Coating, Wet Spraying is a quality alternative to ensure we can offer protection for all types of metals.


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