Proud to be ‘Most Innovative Manufacturing Company’

Proud to be ‘Most Innovative Manufacturing Company’

It’s understandable why mainstream media often paints a picture of doom and gloom over the manufacturing industry. They only see things at a political level and aren’t as closely associated with all the hard work on the ground by our trade media.

Once again,the Annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards (2016) and all the effort the teams at Prime Creative (as well as its predecessors Reed Business Information and Cirrus Media) have put into promoting the industrial sector, tookthe spotlight.

For those that haven’t been to this eventit really is a bona fide indulgence into what really makes Australian manufacturing tick and carries all the necesarry categories of manufacturing award.

The magazine’s editorial team puts in hard effort to sift through all the entrants and help an independent panel make critical judgement on who has achieved beyond all in the respective categories.

For us at Sevaan Group, it’s all about lean manufacturing. And as a fabrication engineer to be shortlisted in the category of Most Innovative Manufacturing Company is a huge honour. It’s a welcome recognition of ourone-stop-shop approach to winning back work for Australia which has been lost overseas.

The opposition in our market sector alone is huge. Just imagine the amount of companies around the country involved in CNC machining, steel fabrication, plating, laser cutting services and all the laser engravers and other general steel fabricators, and we realise how empowering it is to be recognised.

And considering many countries in the global market dont have anything along the lines of a Manufacturing & Associated Industries Occupations Award, it is remarkable how manufacturing in Australia can perform so competently.

The calibre of powerful speakers and fellow nominees always pays due testimony to just how far Manufacturers’ Monthly has come with the Awards, and it’s something our industry truly needed.

It was a fantastic evening, and we look forward to the 2017 Endeavour Awards.


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