Fibre Laser Cutting

Ensuring precision and accuracy

Ensuring precision and accuracy

At Sevaan Group, we understand your need for precision, accuracy and speed. Our brand new fibre laser cutting machinery can deliver exactly that. Whether you need to cut aluminium, non-ferrous metals or steel, our high-performance fibre laser cutting machines can cut with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets and profiles.

Fibre laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for processing sheet metal. The laser source creates the laser beam, conducted by a transport fibre or mirrors in the machine cutting head where a lens focuses it at very high power on a very small diameter. This focused laser beam meets the sheet metal and melts it.

Experience versatility like no other

Experience versatility like no other

Laser cutting is extremely versatile. In addition to flat materials, laser cutting systems can also process tubes and profiles. Primarily, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and also other non-ferrous metals is cut. The thickness of the processed sheet metal ranges from 0.8 to 25mm.

Efficient method for laser cutting

Smooth efficiency

Fibre lasers are the most efficient method for laser cutting. The laser beam is created by an active fibre and transmitted over a transport fibre to the machine cutting head. Fibre lasers are significantly smaller than CO2 lasers and generate several times the power from the same amount of current.

A fibre cutting system is primarily suited for processing thin to thick sheet metal from steel, stainless steel, aluminium and also other non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).

ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000

ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000

The NEW ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic F10000 offers high-speed cutting in a class of its own, with up to 10 kilowatts of laser power. Whether you need to cut aluminium, non-ferrous metals or steel, the high-performance Bystronic cutting head excels with maximum precision in both thin and thick sheets (up to 25mm).

With a 21.5-inch touch screen, Bystronic’s ByVision Cutting software operates as smoothly as a smartphone, meaning you can have the peace of mind that your product is completed to the highest quality and with the utmost accuracy and precision.

And with a wide range of automation solutions, it offers maximum machine utilisation and process reliability even during unmanned operation.

Create precision metal fabrication

At Sevaan Group, our state-of-the-art fibre laser cutting machinery in Sydney helps us create precision metal fabrication.

For our clients, advanced fibre laser cutting and other new technologies such as system integration and robotic welding have increased the speed, efficiency and accuracy of every job; they afford supreme versatility in design for manufacture… and increasing cost-effectiveness.

And whether we’re cutting, engraving, bending or folding, all processes are controlled by our exceptional team of skilled engineers and technicians.

At Sevaan Group, we work across all industries and market verticals to deliver complete, end to end metal fabrication and machining solutions. We are known for our precise, accurate work and consistent, reliable quality.

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