How Sevaan Group can solve your engineering design to manufacture challenges

How Sevaan Group Can Solve Your Engineering Design to Manufacture Challenges

There’s no doubt industrial design engineers are very talented people who are extremely good at their jobs.

The catch is that there is a natural disconnection between what they do and what we as a manufacturer/fabricator need from them.

In basic terms, a component as it is designed on paper doesn’t always translate literally into the manufacturing process.

This is where we step in to help. Whether it’s your in-house engineer or one of your external design partners, we are more than happy to work very closely with them to take their designs and drawings and make the necessary modifications to your design to ensure our manufacturing processes can accommodate your designs.

This may have always seemed a problematic challenge for you as a purchasing manager or a business owner, but to us it’s actually perfectly normal and pretty much the case in every job.

So, don’t think of your engineering design challenges as being a problem. Run it by us. We are more than happy to put it through the refining process.

After all, manufacturing and fabrication today involves a lot of processes, such as, Laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC machining, Welding and etc. Since we have all of these processes and solutions in-house, we know exactly how to refine your components, so things work smoothly and in your favour.

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