Ben Collins

Sevaan Group - Ben Collins
Head of Production

Getting your hands dirty with some of your best mates is all part of a day’s work for Ben.

A natural leader, Ben started out 20 years ago as an apprentice on the Sevaan Group factory floor.

Now as Head of Production his role is to guarantee the precision accuracy of every component we produce and to make sure his team has everything they need to deliver top quality for our clients.

“I love being involved in production and having input into the metal manufacturing process,” says Ben. “Plus, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty! “

“My role involves showing the apprentices what needs fixing, whilst fixing things myself. I like the variety of challenges we have going on and the great group of people I get to work with.”

After completing his apprenticeship, Ben worked across the industry in a number of different companies. He returned to Sevaan Group eight years ago and now manages a team of over 45 tradespeople working across three shifts.

As someone who has a wealth of manufacturing experience, Ben identifies Sevaan Group’s complete end to end metal fabrication and machining solution as a unique offering in the market.

“I like to use a Bunnings analogy,” says Ben, “because you can get everything at one place. It’s the same with us: we offer a lot of different services. There’s not a lot of places that have sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, machining, surface finishing and complex assemblies. So, I think it’s definitely a plus that somebody can just place an order with us and the whole thing gets done.”

In his spare time, Ben can be spotted practising his Thai Boxing moves with his two kids or hitting a baseball out of the park.


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