How Sevaan Group is supporting Australian manufacturers

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It’s evident that the world has been going through challenging times.

The global impact of COVID-19 has affected every business sector and industry, including the manufacturing industry, as global supply chains strive to find alternative solutions.

But with our rigorous in-house controls of our supply chain and commercial metal fabrication and machining solutions, Sevaan Group is still going strong…

And we’ve been able to support our clients across the defence, medical, mining, solar, transport, retail and aeronautical sectors with efficient, fast and quality metal fabrication and machining solutions.

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Working with our agile and exceptional engineers

The core of Sevaan Group has always been about our people. As we continue to invest in our team, we are very fortunate to experience longevity in our workforce and even create new opportunities for skilled engineers to join our vibrant team.

Our happy, long-term customers continue to appreciate our quality service and knowledge and it’s why we continue to equip our team with education in planning, communication, leadership and accountability.

Our team is absolutely integral to our outstanding metal fabrication and machining solutions. With our strong leadership and commitment to servicing our customers, we will continue to meet the demands of our Australian customers.

We’re also continuing to limit face-to-face interactions with our customers and suppliers, and we are continuing with digital modes of communication, such as video conferencing and phone calls, to prevent any possible transmissions.

We are also ensuring that our truck drivers make minimal contact with clients, and have arranged for our staff who are at higher risk to work from home. Sevaan Group is striving to not only survive this crisis, but to emerge stronger – for the benefit of our team and all of our valued customers.

Proven solutions for Australian manufacturing

Proven solutions for Australian manufacturing

As logistics and border control continue to become more prevalent during this crisis, some export businesses have been shut down, overseas demand shrank, and some supply chains are broken.

But this puts Sevaan Group at an advantage as we can provide manufacturers local supply and help reinvigorate the Australian manufacturing sector.

We are starting to see opportunities make their way to our doors and many of our older customers are assessing their supply chain, asking us for quotations and to supply products.

As a leader in metal fabrication and machining solutions, Sevaan Group is in a strong position to support our clients as well as other companies facing capacity restraints.

By supporting the Australian manufacturing industry, not only will we get products made to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, we can create local jobs and economic activity that will aid in the recovery process, while also strengthening our local manufacturing capabilities.

Our capability across multiple areas and sectors

Our capability across multiple areas and sectors

With capability across multiple areas, Sevaan Group’s state of the art in-house technology can provide CNC machining, laser cutting, marking and engraving, welding, sheet metal and steel fabrication, CNC punching, finishing and assembly.

We have vast experience working to an extensive list of Australian standards. Defence, food, medical or exterior use… our fully documented process guarantees we meet the industry standard with precision accuracy on each and every component we produce.

And as industry leaders, we are continuing to embrace change and we’re excited by the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, including the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

We’re continuing to invest in our ‘Smart Factory’ – a workplace where high tech unites with our highly skilled engineers to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Looking to the future with Sevaan Group

Sevaan Group is committed to maintaining excellence in comprehensive metal fabrication and machining solutions during and beyond COVID-19.

We strongly believe that if we do, we will emerge from the current crisis stronger – for the benefit of local manufacturing and our clients.

At Sevaan Group we work across all industries and market verticals to deliver complete, end to end metal fabrication and machining solutions. We are known for our precise, accurate work and consistent, reliable quality. So be sure to contact us and speak with our highly skilled team of engineers today.


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