Sevaan Group understands the importance of Welding and employs highly trained experienced specialist welders whose expertise covers stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, mig and tig and robotic welding.

Sevaan Group’s Welding team are experienced engineers who work closely with our customers to develop a Welding product which exceeds their expectations.


With the latest in computer Welding software we are able to create a model and produce detailed engineering drawings, and flat pattern dxf files. With the aid of our state of the art CadCam software we are able to produce programs efficiently for our CNC equipment.

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We believe in the implementation and the optimum use of the latest technology that increases our efficiency.

The ERP system has been developed and customised enabling the co-ordination of our production. This gives us the ability to time track our orders and sub-contractors efficiently with real time information.


Our employees undergo regular training and upgrading ensuring maximum operating efficiency. This ensures our human capital is at the cutting edge of the Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication industry. The best practice management systems are adopted throughout all stages of production.

Our human investment coupled with our phases of production of Laser Cutting, CNC Punching, Bending, Riveting, Welding (MIG, TIG), Robot Welding, Grinding/Linishing and Machining all integrate in ensuring Sevaan Group’s economies of scale are passed on to our customers.


We offer Anodizing, Electro-plating, Galvanising and Silk Screening off-site. We work closely with our sub-contractors to ensure our finishing standards are adhered to.

Final products are checked thoroughly by our Quality Control group before exiting our premises. When it comes to Finishing Sevaan Group is committed to ensure customers’ expectations are fully met. All final products are examined thoroughly to ensure total product quality is met. To enable us to achieve this we have set up a Powder Coating plant to suit our customers’ requirements.


We offer Chromate Conversion and Iron Phosphating to comply with 1000 hours Salt Spray Test requirements.  We also offer full Masking services for delicate electronic components. Our Semi-Conveyour Batch System offers high quality Powder Coating. Tests such as thickness and curability are done regularly to ensure high quality and perfect finish.

We stand by our corporate motto: Quality all the way!


Sevaan Group has developed a philosophy of maintaining and enhancing a total quality management system throughout all aspects of its operations.

From Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication Conception to Finishing and Assembly, ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality assurance has been instilled and embedded from senior management to our factory floor. Combining sophisticated checks and balances in all the production stages with control training.

With our dedicated assembly line team and processes, Sevaan Group ensures that all phases of its operations are kept in house sustaining a production environment that can accommodate the most difficult of complex assemblies at the maximum efficiency.

Our “One-Stop-Shop” policy ensures all our manufactured components are integrated via the various stages in our assembly line. This includes the complete assembly, packing, shipping, dispatching and checking of all components ensuring all our final products adhere to both the best quality and service standards that are expected from all our customers.

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