Souren Kirazanan

Souren Kirazan
Team Leader – Laser/Punch Press

Like most Engineers Souren like order. He likes to make sure everything is well organised and efficient systems are in place and that makes him a perfect fit for Sevaan Group.

“If everything is well organized, everyone will know what they have to do and everything goes perfectly!”

Souren began his career 15 years ago in Armenia. We’re very happy that Souren decided to bring his excellent engineering skills to Australia three years ago.

Souren oversees the programming of our CNC machines including the CNC punch and CNC bending and folding machines as well as our laser cutting, marking and engraving machines.

Be careful when challenging Souren to a chess match….he teaches the game to adults and children in his spare time! His strategic way of thinking could even challenge the Aremian Chess Champion for his title!


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