Silvie Jarret

Sevaan Group - Sylvie Jarret
Head of Accounts

As a mother to three kids, Silvie is an expert in multitasking… and making sure everyone is paid on time!

As Head of Accounts, Silvie makes sure the financial wheels at Sevaan Group are as well-oiled as the machines on the factory floor.

With over 15 years’ experience, Silvie has worked in a range of different industries but has always been drawn to the challenges faced in the manufacturing world.

“I enjoy manufacturing – it is very creative,” says Silvie. “I have experience with a whole range of different industries and lots of different clients.”

Silvie has been with Sevaan Group since 2016 and she credits the team for making it a joy to come to work each day.

“It’s great to work for Jim and Artemis. The whole team has a nice feel and we work really well together. I enjoy that there is always something to challenge us. That’s the creative part of it, it’s not just data and numbers.”

Her dedication, passion and willingness to tackle new challenges are evident in both her work and family life.

Silvie is constantly learning new things; her kids are always keeping her on her toes. And thanks to her kids she’s fast becoming an Anime expert!


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