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I live in Sydney and used to like travelling North on the Pacific Highway to chase waves in the surf of New South Wales’ mid to north coast.

Often I would travel at night and be dazzled by the lights on the semi-trailer trucks that would be transporting goods. They would be lit up like a Christmas tree and are a sight to behold as they hurtle towards you on the darkest stretches of road.

It is not until you get up close to a big truck do you realise how many lights adorn them. Not just headlights. Marker lights are lined along their long trailers that shine red when viewing from behind and shine amber when the truck is approaching you. There are lights under the cabin. Fitted to the side mirrors. Near the doors and even on the roof of the cabin. Bedazzling.

Randomly, many months later I found myself in a truck body builder’s factory to view a car he was selling privately that I was interested in. Obviously, also I was interested in how these truck trailers go together too, so I asked some questions and had a good old sticky beak.

A truck body or trailer is quite a large project to manufacture and the one I was looking at had all sorts of features. One thing I did notice was how the marker lights that are fitted down the sides of the trailer are fitted. Perched on the workbench was a box full of mounting plates for the lights and they were all laser cut. Although they are a simple diamond shape, each plate has three holes – two for mounting bolts and one for the wiring harness to thread through. Essentially, it was easy to see how much time these laser cut light mounting plates saved – they are literally ready to weld on. Laser cutting is a time and money saver. 

Another area that the truck body builder utilised laser cut pieces were in the anchor points. Each anchor point were literally ready to go – no fabrication, just weld them in.

More and more I am seeing laser cut products that are used in everyday life. A common laser cutting use I see is in the architectural industry. Lots of contemporary designs are used in offices, shop fitouts and public places that are utilising laser cut panels.

In summary I wanted to try and highlight some of the everyday uses that I see daily, that incorporate the use of laser cutting technology. We are surrounded by innovative usage of the technology and want to encourage businesses to utilise it more. I believe that there are lots of benefits for manufacturers to consider.

If you would like to know more about laser cutting or need some advice on manufacturing a design that you have, don’t hesitate to give Sevaan Group a call and discuss your needs or challenges.

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