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Our experience in the wide market of surface technology often means we hear one particular concern over and over again.

And that is that industrial surface blasting can be both a messy and costly task.

From an industry-wide point of view, essentially we find pretty much every industrial market in Australia is on the hunt for three main factors in surface blasting:

  • good economics

  • environmental responsibility

  • a multifunction facility

For those of you whose companies have successfully incorporates an industrial surface blasting facility with other capabilities within their own organisation, you do truly have to be applauded.

This is because the vast majority of business, perhaps like yours, just cannot afford to have a complete range of surface technology facilities under their own roof.

So for those out there to which this is an impossibility, outsourcing is obviously the smarter solution. Now, with a plethora of Australian surface technologies on the market, how do you know what the right solution is?

In truth, there is no easy fit solution, but perhaps the useful checklist for you should include outsourced provider that exhibit a constant drive to find more economical, environmentally-friendly solutions for surface preparation, blast cleaning and finishing applications. Often this is the difference between being ordinary and being innovative.

A true indicator of a high quality and dependable blast room facilitator is one that can demonstrate maximum productivity in a fully sealed, clean enclosure to perform abrasive blasting, grit blasting, surface preparation and finishing operations.

Seeking out a provider where dangerous chemical paint stripping and sand blasting operations as well as environmental pollution is eliminated, is probably the way to go. Let's not forget, being mindful of carbon footprints does carry some weight on the international stage.

Lke everything else in manufacturing and fabrication, look for the signs of someone that knows what they are doing. There are a lot of capable industrial companies in Australia so look for the obvious signs. Our free download can help you with this.

Download the 5 Signs To Look For In a Top Level Fabricator